Author Topic: Going back to this forum...Everyone still missed the entire lesson.  (Read 96 times)


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Anders and Anderith- United States of America. Obvious
Bertrand and Hildemara Chanboor- Bill and Hillary Clinton. Obvious...even the initials are the same.
Imperial Order-Adherents to Socialism(not so obvious. Also has elements of communism)
Dominie Dirtch- Nuclear Weapons and over reliance on same
Richard/Kahlan/D'Haran Empire- Benevolent Dictatorship

As the US was headed towards the utter failure that is Socialism(and the hundreds of times it has been tried) it wouldn't register with people now as we've curved away from it with the election of Trump. No, he's no Richard, he's just a step away from Socialism and the sheer horror the US was in for.

For years, those of us who want Democracy and Capitalism know it's not perfect, it's just the best so far(which means we need to keep trying). Whenever Democracy was threatened a dictator would come along and set things right, but would often not know when to step down. With the way our Democracy works, we will never have that dictator to set things right. Never. Therefore, Richard/Kahlan/D'haran Empire is just a fantasy those like me dreamed of. (which makes it belong in a fantasy novel, right)

Democrats should have realized their mistake, but they haven't at all and still adhere to Socialism, championing Bernie Sanders. I'm sorry, he will only make it worse. What they should be doing is adapting their party to better reflect what all Americans want, not just the celebrities and their ill informed views. It will probably have to take Trump winning another term for them to wake up if even that will do it.

Those of you who have read so far will note that I haven't placed Dalton Campbell yet...That's because I just don't know. Everyone in politics, right or left, are so devoid of character that I can't feature one equaling Dalton. Not a single one. They're preening peacocks without an ounce of self awareness...and Dalton is certainly self aware to an extent. Since I can't place him, I simply place him as a man not aware of his own power and the evil he was representing. It didn't register to him as a totally bad thing as ambition was his sole reasoning. Once his ambition was reached, he could then step back and see what he had wrought...brought to him by his own wife, and the terrible tragedy of Franca Gowenlock. Everything he did it for was brought down showing him the naked truth of what he had done.

The Anders and Anderith being the USA will make you realize it more if you reread this book. The using of children to further political goals should at least register to some of you. Anderith was a land of plenty in terms of food...and nobody seems to realize that is what the US has in abundance, places to grow food. In fact, that is the chief reason so many countries are jealous. We have the most arable land in the entire world...all the rest of it put together isn't even half what we have.

Dalton's Messengers were easy to figure out...they represent the media...The town criers, the speakers etc. Controlling that message is what the left has done for many, many years. It's become so rampant it's even starting to work against them as people realize that the media has been lying and misrepresenting things for decades.

The real(non fantasy) evils of Socialism are there for all to see if they only look. It has never worked...anywhere for any length of time. It starts as utter failure and only gets worse as it goes along and becomes an endless blaming of "before Socialism" to shore it up. Look at Venezuela and Brazil of today for prime examples. There are literally people eating rats to survive there.

The chimes, the wizards and all that are the fantasy element. They represent magic as seen in fantasy books since Tolkein. Don't try to equate them into the rest of the things I've explained as they don't fit as we don't really have magic.